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Allow students to use their creativity to manage a mission to the edge of space utilizing cutting edge wireless technology.

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StratoStar specializes in fun hands-on wireless systems allowing students to make the world their laboratory, from the edge of space to the earth below their feet.

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  • Cool Technology: Looking at Liquid Robotics' Wave Glider

    Posted by: Jason Krueger on Jul, 09 2013

    All over, people are exploring the ins and outs of the world, studying and learning everything they can about our world and how its works. Today, that study and exploration has extended to include the entire universe. As technology advances, our studies advance and, as a result, we get excited about where that research can take us. Sure, we spend our time in the atmosphere, but while we keep our focus up high, some folks are finding fascination in the sea below. Liquid Robotics is a company known for its Wave Gliders.


  • How 3D Printers Will Impact Our World

    Posted by: Jason Krueger on May, 14 2013

    At StratoStar, we are in awe of some of the amazing things science and technology discovers and innovates. Some really cool things are happening right now, and we can’t help ourselves: we’re just too interested. The latest thing that has really caught our attention is the relatively new 3D printer. This is exactly what it sounds like: a printer that uses plastic to turn blueprints into actual three-dimensional objects. When electronic paper printing became too normal for us, science and technology upped the game and developed ways to print actual objects.

  • Minnesota Twins Weather Balloon Launch - Part 3

    Posted by: Jason Krueger on Apr, 12 2013

    In our last two blog posts, we wrote about a launch during a Minnesota Twins game, honoring Bob Cabana, Director of the Kennedy Space Center, and kicking off Minnesota Aerospace and Aviation Week, and even took it a little behind the scenes.