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StratoStar's recent weather balloon launch was one of our longest yet!
StratoStar Tracks One of Our Longest Flights Yet!

Back in March, our StratoStar team was standing in Fort Wayne getting ready to launch a weather balloon to the edge of space. We worked with students at Blackhawk Middle School for weeks preparing for this exact moment. The students were excited as they said...

Rockoons could be the next great thing in space exploration.
Could Rockoons Be The New Way to Space?

No, we didn’t make up the word rockoons and no, it has nothing to do with raccoons. Rockoons are actually a hybrid rocket balloon and they could end up being the new way we travel to space. The Problem With Today’s Rockets Rockets have become much more...

The Rosetta space shuttle was launched into space to study a comet.
What Did Scientists Discover By Landing On A Comet?

In 2004, the European Space Agency launched its Rosetta spacecraft into space. The purpose of the mission? Travel through space and orbit a comet to gather as much information as possible. After traveling through space for a decade, Rosetta finally reached its destination, Comet 67P,...