Pack your payload with anything you want. A camera. A radio. Water bears. Eggs. It's time to take your science, technology, engineering, or math class to a new extreme.
Wonder what the world looks like from 100,000 feet up?
Go to the edge of space.
contact launch a virtual balloon
What is so cool about StratoStar, anyway?

Do you want to get out of the classroom? Do you want real mission experience?


A weather balloon project might be just what your class needs. StratoStar wants to make math and science based courses more fun.


Together, we'll have fun and build skills that will increase your opportunities in the future! Let's get started on a weather balloon project today.

Weather balloon projects from StratoStar are changing the classroom.

Did you know the StratoStar program is for all ages? StratoStar customizes each mission to be what YOU want it to be.


Do you want to come up with your own unique experiment?


StratoStar puts you in command. You and your classmates can be creative!


StratoStar is just plain cool. When was the last time you touched something that flew to the edge of space?


StratoStar makes all four areas of STEM fun. Here's how:


Launch A Virtual Balloon

"My favorite part was creating the experiment and then watching the launch.  It was just really fun!"
stratostar student
Why is STEM so important?

The future needs you! You could be the pioneer of the next big medical breakthrough to help people or start the next big computer innovation.


Your career looks bright with STEM. If you go to school for a STEM background, you have an automatic advantage in todays economy.


Your job will mean more. Many of the major advancements in science and technology have come from people who dared to think different.


Big businesses are supporting STEM initiatives, which means you have a better chance of getting scholarships in STEM. Here are some companies that are supporting STEM education:

• AT&T


• Exxon Mobil


• Microsoft



• Time Warner



• Target

• Facebook


• Goldman Sachs






• Intel

• Siemens


• Amazon


• Dell


• Google


• HP

FAQs From Students Like You
  • > Why is STEM so important, anyway?
    Think of all advancements in technology we use today – cell-phones, tablets, the latest medical devices- all of these innovations came from people in STEM fields. Creative innovations that we use every day require the creative and innovative minds of people in STEM fields. These inventors and innovators started out in classes like the ones you are in right now.
  • > Why should I care about STEM?
    International companies who are making the latest advancements in technology are looking for people who have a solid grounding in STEM. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a scientist or engineer, technology is so prevalent in our everyday life that knowing STEM will give you a solid advantage in any field you choose to go into. Even knowing how to set up and build a website is part of STEM.
  • > I'm tired of huge textbooks. Is StratoStar for me?
    Yes! The StratoStar mission lets you take the equations you learn in class and apply them by constructing your own weather balloon with your team. College and graduate students can also participate in locating and retrieving the balloon after its landing – sometimes as far as 80 miles away! From start to finish, the StratoStar mission offers plenty of hands-on opportunities.
  • > How can STEM help me after college?
    American companies and business are having a shortage of workers and skilled people with STEM backgrounds. Graduating college with a STEM major and entering the workforce is an automatic advantage in today’s job environment
  • > So StratoStar's program is educational AND fun?
    The StratoStar balloon experiments give you the chance to use a number of different sciences. Learning how to launch and track the balloon involves physics, chemistry and understanding the earth sciences. You can put a real experience behind all those equations! What's more is that StratoStar is fun. With our tracking software, you'll feel like you are in charge of mission control.
  • > I'm not sure I like STEM. Will I like StratoStar?
    Don't worry. The skills and knowledge you apply through the StratoStar mission apply across many disciplines—not just aerospace and meteorology. From start to finish, the StratoStar mission incorporates and teaches ideas from chemistry, earth science, physics, information technology, construction and video applications. You also get valuable teamwork experience as you coordinate the launch with your team from start to finish.
  • > How does a StratoStar project apply to the real world?
    Have you ever sat through math or science class and wondered how all of those equations apply in the real world? The Stratostar mission gives you and your classmates the opportunity to take all of that knowledge and use it to shoot a balloon into the edge of space! You and your classmates will work as a team to make the mission happen.
  • > If I choose STEM as a career, what will the future hold?
    In the United States, the outlook for careers in the STEM field is very good. Companies are having problems trying to fill some positions because there just aren’t enough people coming out of the STEM fields currently. A recent study showed that 8 of the top 10 paying jobs in the U.S. are in engineering fields.
  • > Does StratoStar help me on a college application?
    The short answer is YES! Stratostar is a unique hands-on learning program. The Stratostar mission lets you have a hand in constructing and launching your group’s weather balloon and recording the data from start to finish. Admissions counselors are always looking for applicants who go above and beyond. Stratostar offers a unique opportunity to take your knowledge out of the classroom and into the real world. Please talk to your teacher or school guidance counselor for information about specific college programs.
  • > Can StratoStar help me get into college?
    If you are currently in high school and are thinking about technology, science, medical or engineering field, taking STEM courses now in high school might help you bypass some courses in college. Even if you don’t plan on majoring in STEM, taking any advanced-placement courses will be a credit on your college application. STEM courses will give you the critical thinking skills you need to succeed in any field.  You may also be eligible for scholarships in the Sciences. Please check with your teacher or guidance counselor.

StratoStar is for junior high, high school and college students.

High School students participate in every aspect of conducting a high-altitude balloon mission.  High School students will put their book knowledge to the test in the real world as they develop the experiment. Students work in teams and learn what it takes to coordinate logistics, execute a plan, problem solve, analyze data and create technical reports.

College students utilizing the StratoStar program will plan and execute missions on their own.  Students will work in teams just like they would in the industry. They must coordinate between the teams to hit the mission objectives.  With the academic knowledge college students have, the experiments are completely open to their creativity within the physical parameters.


Students in our Jr. High programs have the chance to learn and work in teams to complete their experiments, which are launched to the edge of space.  For many of the students, this is their first experience with field work and a research project involving the scientific method.  The atmosphere and Earth become their own personal laboratory.

Want to see a StratoStar flight for yourself?


StratoStar exists to empower educators and unlock student curiosity through project based learning ideas. Working with education institutions, we start High-Altitude Weather Balloon programs to cover all areas of STEM curriculum and allow students to complete a real world project.




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